Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law

Senior Partner: C. V. Chen
Chairman: C. C. Lee
CEO: Joyce C. Fan
Deputy CEO: Angela Yao Lin, Robin Chang

● Banking and Finance, Capital Markets ,Insurance
● Corporate and Investment, Company Registrations, Mergers and Acquisitions,
Tax, Labor, Life Sciences, Competition Laws and Antitrust, Real Estate and
Construction, Government Contracts, Digital, TMT and Data Privacy, Environmental Law, International Trade, Energy Law, Family Heritage Plan and Family Affairs
● Civil Dispute Resolution, Criminal Litigation, Public Law Dispute Resolution
● Patent Prosecution and Maintenance, Patent Drafting and Global Patent Protection, Patent Search, Patent Validity And Infringement Assessment, Patent Enforcement, Trade Secret Protection and Dispute Resolution
● Trademark, Copyrights Enforcement, Maintenance and Dispute Resolution,
Trademark Dispute Resolutions