Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA)

Minister: Joseph Wu
Deputy Minister: Chun Lee
Deputy Minister: Chung-kwang Tien 
Vice Minister: Alexander Tah-ray Yui
Secretary General: Daniel Diann-Wen

Directors-general of Bureaus, Departments and Offices:
Secretariat: Daniel Diann-Wen
Department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs Director-general: Wallace Minn-Gan Chow
Department of West Asian and African Affairs Director-general: Anthony Chung-Yi Ho
Department of European Affairs Director-general: Vincent Chin-Hsiang Yao
Department of North American Affairs Director-general: Douglas Yu-Tien Hsu
Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs Director-general: Li-Cheng Cheng
Department of Treaty & Legal Affairs Director-general: Jason Chien-Chen Lien
Department of International Organizations Director-general: Sharon S. N. Wu
Department of International Cooperation and Economic Affairs Director-general: Yu-Ping Lien
Department of International Information Services Director-general: Catherine Y. M. Hsu
Department of Policy Planning Director-general: Grace Ya-kuang Chang
Department of Protocol Director-general: Tom Chih-chiang Lee
Department of General Affairs Director-general: Bruce Chen-jung Hung
Department of Personnel Director-general: Li-ling Huang
Department of Civil Service Ethics Director-general: Chih-hsin Chou
Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics Comptroller: Pei-Hua Lee
Department of Archives, Information Management and Telecommunications Director-general: Abraham Chi-wen Lin
Public Diplomacy Coordination Council Spokesperson, Director-general: Jeff Y.J. Liu
Department of NGO International Affairs Director-general: Hsueh-Hong Wang
The Office of Parliamentarian Affairs Director-General: Ivan Y. J. Lee
Bureau of Consular Affairs Director-General: Calvin Chen-Huan Ho
Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister: Chung-kwang Tien
Taiwan-Japan Relations Association: Jia-chyuan Su
Taiwan Council for U. S. Affairs Chairman: Jen-ni Yang

Central Taiwan Office
Tel: +886-4-2251-0799
Fax: +886-4-2251-0700
Help Line: +886-3-393-2628, 398-2629
Director-general: Judy Ying-ming Wong

Southern Taiwan Office
Tel: +886-7-715-6600
Fax: +886-7-715-1001
Help Line: +886-3-383-4849, 393-2628
Director-general: Cheng-tsung Shen

Eastern Taiwan Office
Tel: +886-3-833-1041
Fax: +886-3-833-0970
Help Line: +886-3-398-2629
Director-General: Ken Hu

Southwestern Taiwan Office 
Tel: +886-5-225-1567
Fax: +886-5-225-5199, 225-5299
Help Line: +886-3-3932628
Director-General: Jeffrey S.C. Hsiao