Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan

Minister: Tzi-chin Chang
Deputy Minister: Tsai, Hung-teh
Deputy Minister: Shen Chih-hsiu
Secretary general: Yeh Chun-hung

Department of Comprehensive Planning
Director: Liu Tsung-Yung
Tel: (02)2311-7722
Department of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control
Director: Tsai Meng-yu
Tel: (02) 2371-2121 #6100
Department of Water Quality Protection
Director: Wu Sheng-chung
Tel: (02)2311-7722 #2810
Department of Waste Management
Director: Lai Ying-ying
Tel: (02)2311-7722 #2610
Department of Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management
Director: Tsai Ling-yi
Tel: (02)2311-7722 # 2232
Department of Supervision Evaluation and Dispute Resolution
Director: Ma Nien-ho
Tel: (02)2311-7722 # 2910
Department of Environmental Monitoring and Information Management
Director: Shun-chin Chang
Tel: (02)2311-7722 #2310
Office of Resource Circulation
Executive Secretary: Chen Shih-wei
Office of Climate Change
Executive Secretary: Yen Hsu-ming

  • Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
    1. Bureau of Environmental Inspection
    2. Public Nuisance Arbitration Committee
    3. Recycling Fund Management Board
    4. Soil and Groundwater Remediation Fund Management Board
    5. Environment Analysis Laboratory EPA, Executive Yuan
    6. Environmental Professionals Training Institute